Today the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of our youth deserves special attention and demands immediate and coordinated action to help our children to feel seen again, to feel heard, respected, supported, confident, and especially to feel connected.

I am driven by the mission of helping professionals in creating solutions, developing sophisticated facilitation skills and a clear sense of the strategies, as well as understand the big picture of the situation to design activities and approaches to tackle these challenges that children and caregivers are facing in dealing with this ongoing tough situation. I share hands-on maps on how to navigate social interactions in these disruptive times and help children to find answers and restore their natural sense of cohesion. 

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For schools and other organizations working with children

I offer customized training or teams and organizations that want to develop better relationships with children, understand different strategies to refine their professional skills in facilitating developmental processes with children, align their methodology by using the “Tune in to Children” approach.

Often therapists, pedagogues, or artists that lead individual or group sessions for children are looking for a methodology that embraces the complexity of such a moment and takes their facilitation skills to another level. As such, you will find a home in this pioneering process-based approach.

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Facilitation Skills to Lead Sessions and Classes

Working with children requires constant adjustments, empathic capacities, sharp observation of what's happening at the moment, flexibility during the decision-making process, and a map to guide us through the constant shifts in moods, energy, and emotions that happen in both, the child and the caretaker. 

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Ale Duarte & Tune in to Children

Training History


In 2005 I first applied a self-regulation methodology with children in areas affected by social disruption and natural disaster, aiming to reduce the dysfunctional behavior originated by trauma. The complexity of the situation led me to include a wider range of applications and disciplines to support the required agility and flexibility when working with children and the community under intense stress. Today,  Tune in to Children training has been taught in over 25 countries and has supported approximately 7000 professionals, such as teachers, school coordinators, therapists, social workers, artists, and social entrepreneurs.

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