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Case Consultation in Action (for alumni):

If you have taken a course with me, live or online, you are eligible to apply for a supervision session with me. You can bring cases you are currently working on, and we will construct ways to think about different approaches that match your style of working. Please note that these sessions are only available for people working with Ale’s frameworks in their professional practice, after personally attending a training with him.

Program Details

Single Supervision Session

Fill up a short form with your needs and check the availability and prices for 90 minutes supervision session. If you intend to share the time and price with your colleagues, or small peer group, it is important that they all have already had contact with the methodology.

(limited availability)

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Session Package

This is on-demand small group supervision and private learning. If you have a group or not, but are interested in supervision or inspiration for sessions based on our experiences, other practitioners' needs, check the availability and sign up for the next Case Consultation in Action.  For alumni, or other Ale's workshops. 

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Ale’s professional courses

In 2005 I first applied a self-regulation methodology with children in areas affected by social disruption and natural disaster, aiming to reduce the dysfunctional behavior originated by trauma. Today,  Tune in to Children training has been taught in over 25 countries and has supported approximately 7000 professionals, such as teachers, school coordinators, therapists, social workers, artists, and social entrepreneurs.

Additional Offers for Alumni

Master Classes

(Watch sessions & discussions)

This is an opportunity for our community to meet and get together to discuss sessions' strategies, tools, and techniques, as well as what worked and didn't work during the sessions.

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Private Learning Groups 

If you want or have a small group of alumni willing to deepen the learning from the course let's fix a time and meet.  Groups vary from 3 to 10 people. 

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Individual Supervision

Boost your development journey with Individual supervision session. I will help to construct a strategy and get perspective of a particular case or scenario you are working on. 

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