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About Alé

Ale Duarte

Ale Duarte is a teacher, advisor, and somatic therapist with a resume as diverse and far reaching as the geography he's travelled to work and speak.  

His practice aids children traumatized by natural disasters, assists educators, therapists, and parents dealing with behavioral issues, and removes energetic hurdles experienced by high-performing athletes, entertainers, and executives. Because of this, his career became nomadic by necessity, and his methods became invaluable where the stakes were high.

Ale’s pioneering techniques are an aggregate of many healing disciplines developed over twenty years in the field. And while his clients may seem diverse, what’s similar is the creative current that’s always shifting within them has become stuck, misdirected, or amplified. How we guide and self-correct this current is the heart of Ale’s ideology that’s inspired thousands of people who’ve attended his workshops and seminars over the years. Because they too are ready to relinquish our old models of fixing people...and instead embrace new ways of tapping their real potential. 


As part of his professional career, Ale provided logistic support to professionals in areas of natural disasters and conflicts in many countries, such as the tsunami in Asia in 2005, Hurricane Katrina in 2006, the earthquake in China in 2008, the tsunami in Japan in 2011, and the civil conflicts in Sri Lanka and Syria.

His dynamic collaboration to several agencies, hospitals and other multidisciplinary institutions reflects his dedication to sharing a body-centered approach to healing, self-exploration and well-being for children, adults and global communities. Ale works directly with victims and survivors and offers training and logistic support to crisis teams.

Ale Duarte is Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, certified in the leadership program of the THNK School of Creative Leadership, Coaching by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Meta Integral Academy in California, Rolfing Structural Integration® and Rolfing Movement, with professional practice since 1989 when he was teaching children from kindergarten to K-5.