Attuned-based Somatic Methodologies

Attune with children through emotion, behavior, instinct and deep listening for effective change.
We offer special projects, workshops and lectures for institutions, government agencies, educators, therapists, health professionals, social entrepreneurs and parents

Tuned to the moment The world is increasingly globalized, complex, digital, accelerated and full of information and demands, producing children who are tuned to this reality. We have to develop a new leadership approach to understand this “new child”, using a new look and perception of their desires and challenges. • How to use a “somatic approach” to control hyperactivity, apathy, aggressiveness, anxiety and so many other expressions of imbalance through behaviour? • How to integrate body- and energy-related aspects into your professional practice? • Where to find a team of engaged professionals who are interested in sharing their expertise, creating a multidisciplinary work and developing creative projects to fulfill this new demand?

A new action model: integrated, collaborative and applied We believe a new design is essential to help professionals apply this new leadership approach to children and professionals involved in childcare. Ale integrates many practices, stories, videos, and demonstrations of the principles of this natural approach that he has found to be as effective for treating people at his own office, at schools and in local communities, as it is abroad in humanitarian services. In his vivid, relatable teachings, he is using activities and specific examples to create a real “somatic tour” of our bodies and perception, Ale will share his insights of this body-oriented practice from an experiential perspective to stimulate awareness of somatic distress that may be present in you and the children around you.

Creating a network of actions and exchange An exclusive opportunity for professionals who are looking for a chance to exchange or a partnership for the creation and participation in various projects that emerge during Ale's programs. We understand that, through more organized action groups, we can directly benefit more children, parents and professionals, in doctor’s offices, schools, community centers, or in areas impacted by disasters and conflicts.

Join Ale Duarte on a learning journey to deepen your understanding and skills in how to encourage the unfolding and strengthening of resilience patterns.


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Live webinars

with Q&A

5 week online training -

Join Ale online for his live teachings on the 5 phases of self regulation

learn how to encourage flow and emerging resilience patterns in children

In this work you will get familiar with the principles of seeing children’s behavior in cycles, and learn how to work with everyday cycles in children to achieve a deep regulation in the Autonomic Nervous System.

Sharpen your understanding of cyclical behavioral patterns and refine your facilitation skills in this 5-week Online training. Learn to apply the core principles of Tune in to Children in your everyday life and practice to bring a deeper sense of contentment to the children in your life.

4 day live workshop for therapists - TUNE IN TO CHILDREN

Become a master of subtle facilitation

embracing the full range of human emotions