Learn the Essentials of the Five Phases to support  CHILDREN'S EMOTIONAL SELF REGULATION

a 3-week course with Alé Duarte open to all audiences

Live Online Classes

The training is currently in a restructuring process - details will be announced soon.




This course is for you if you:

  • Work in the  area of psychology, education, social-work, health and family systems
  • Live with or take care of children
  • want to provide a resilience fostering environment for children
  • Struggle to find the right timing to bring children to connect to their body sensations
  • want to learn to relate in a way that empowers children and reconnects them with their innate wisdom



Participants will be able to help children to reestablish a healthy self-regulatory function while interacting with them in structured activities, by attuning, co-regulating, and making key adjustments in the immediate environment of the child to foster their resilience.

Understanding, applying, and navigating the 5 phases of self regulation, enables you to create an organically structured environment that supports emotional self regulation through the energetic and behavioral container you provide. You will walk away with a solid tool to design processes that organize the rising energy of the child when they engage in challenging situations, and tune in to important nuances of their experiences when their energy level is lowering in the phase of integration.

The 5 phases provide a potent foundation to organize your own work-cycles as you navigate the process together with the child. This will allow you to match the children’s energy where they are, make your actions more relevant to their world, and save energy in the process.

The current round is up and running. Enrolment is currently closed.

2-hour Core Sessions from 5pm - 7pm CET:

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022


1-hour Integration Sessions from 5pm CET - 6pm CET

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Friday, December 9th, 2022

Friday, December 16th, 2022


The Core sessions will be recorded. The videos will be available for you to review in your course library for 6 months. We have a private group forum to exchange reflections, experiences and insights with each other.

See you soon!

Alé & Lisa



Learn the Essentials of the Five Phases


  In this course Alé will share a step by step analysis of his session with a little boy that stopped walking after a traumatic event and came back on his feet after one session with Alé. This session is known as "Boy with the Golden Nose", and Alé shares the whole progression of this session in detail. As the course progresses, we will deepen into harvesting the dynamics and energetic characteristics of two key phases: Readiness and Integration. Here are some key abilities you will work on in the course:

  1. Facilitate children’s self-regulatory processes

  2. Integrate the principles of self-regulation in your  practice

  3. Evaluate each child’s unique energetic profile as they go through cyclical progressions

  4. Structure and adapt activities with children based on the principles of the Five Phases Model in a balanced work-cycle 

The Wednesday core sessions with Alé focus on seeing Alé in interaction with children and get to see the process through his eyes. Alé will share practical tools to apply in your encounters with children. This will also be a place for you to bring in your experiences and examples from children in your life. The Friday sessions with Lisa will give further space to reflect and integrate the content as a group.

This course includes 9 hours of live teachings, Pdf's of all learning materials for download, 6 months access to the recorded live classes with Alé, private community forum to connect with other like minded practitioners, facilitators and care takers.

Learn the Essentials of the Five Phases to support  CHILDREN'S EMOTIONAL SELF REGULATION 


One important ingredients to make children feel seen, heard, and connected relies on the adult's understanding of where an energetic progression started, and in which direction it is moving. We tend to perceive challenging moments that trigger us emotionally as dead ends. We lose perspective of how all involved people can get out of the current situation of conflict and go back to the sandbox together.


Basically, I want to equip your eyes to see patterns and cultivate the habit of seeing the whole picture. To be able to see a progression of how to help children in how to have a constructive and positive life. How can you go through struggles and include them as a part of the bigger arch of construction and development? How to get unstuck in moments when children and adult don‘t know what to do next? I want to offer you an additional perspective: to step out and include new options in your decision-making, that will support the children around you to move through their cycles with more ease. 

The Five Phases help you understand and apply a process-based model to many situations you will encounter with children. It also helps adults understand what they might be contributing themselves to overwhelming situations. We will look into how a change in your approach can contribute to a more positive outcome for all. Each learning module contains examples of everyday situations as well as practical ideas to support the children in your life.


Enrollment is currently closed

The training is currently in a restructuring process - details will be announced soon.