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Immersive Training with Ale Duarte

An Online, Cohort-Based Training From the Educational Series KidsinTune by and with Alé Duarte

Learn the Tools, Practices and Frameworks to Promote Resilient Nervous Systems in Children and Invite More Optimism and Joy to Their Life.

The training is currently in a restructuring process - details will be announced soon.


Why Is Self-Regulation Vital for Children?

Children can easily be distracted from their organic processes in a society overwhelmed by electronics, perpetual stimulus and information. Through play, reconnecting with their own internal wisdom is at the core of healthy development.

When left to their own devices, most children find ways of restoring their self-regulation organically. Those that don’t will benefit enormously from the tools, frameworks, and methods I teach in this course.

These can be used with any children, not only those who have suffered a trauma, and are especially effective for working with children who are regarded as ‘difficult to engage’ because of the emphasis on playfulness.

It is not the game or activity itself but the engineering beneath it that matters – namely the importance of the activity providing opportunities to progress through the Five Phases and arrive at a state of integration.

Through reflection, analysis, and practice in the past 30+ years, I have refined my answers to these challenges, creating a set of principles that enables adult facilitators to harness children’s innate capacity for self-healing through play.

5 Key Skills You Will Acquire in This Training


You will learn different ways to attune with children. It will allow you to create conditions for a balanced environment where kids feel both safe and challenged to self-regulate and grow.


Here is where I will introduce you to one of the core frameworks of my training: the Five Phases map. It will allow you to become a better observer and make it much simpler to orient your eyes and actions during sessions with children.


Design is about designing interventions, activities and environments that invite children to share what they require to express their strengths and vulnerabilities for development and healing. 


With this hands-on skill, you will get to know how to apply tools that help your clients move through their cycles, without getting caught in the energetic vicious cycles.


This skill is all about how we can process information that is overwhelming to us in the moment. With this, you will be able to see nuances that highlight integration - an essential part of the cycle.

The Core Principles of the Five Phases for Self-Regulation

Dynamic Interactions

Action & Interaction are the most familiar means and ways of expression that children choose to learn and communicate with you and the world. That is why this course will focus on the dynamic part of children’s interaction with the world. Their fast movements, the desire for activities, the role of playfulness and the way children are interacting with others will be key components.

Establishing Balance

We will look into the backstage of children’s behaviour, movements, gestures, and how to facilitate when they start to present dysfunctional behaviour, such as hyperactivity or low energetic drive. How to take them to a more balanced state by down-regulating or up-regulating during activities. 

Nuances of Communication

Learn indirect ways to access and connect with children’s felt experiences. Very seldom children are available to “inform” us of what is happening in their experience. They are so driven to play and have fun, that sometimes these questions put them to alert and they close the communication with us facilitators.

Facilitate Movement

Understand how action & interaction supports children to move through their emotional states and harvest the self-regulatory superpowers of children's books.

The Five Phases and How They Apply to Kids Reality

Every Intention Has a Cycle. Every Cycle Holds a Meaning.

When children are unable to find the completion of their intentions and desires, it may result in them being either in constant agitation or feel powerless and passive towards what is happening in their life. This course will equip you to find meaning in all actions children express. As a facilitator working with the Five Phases of Self-Regulation you will learn how to provide safety as well as challenge for the children to allow them to effectively “complete their cycles”. Our frameworks are broad enough to give you the freedom to implement your own field of expertise and observe these natural processes happening at the same time.

The FivePhases are key to understanding the self-regulation cycle. Starting from Settle, sensing the energetic buzz of Readiness, breaking into Action and Interaction, cooling down and digesting the experience in the Integration before returning to Settle again to continue to the next cycle. Seeing children's communication and actions through the lens of the FivePhases will supercharge your ability to create meaningful interactions. This workshop provides you with the tools to create an arena in which children feel comfortable communicating.

Supercharge Your Ability to Create Meaningful Interactions

Multi-Skills for a World Full of Multi-Needs.

This multi-skill training provides professionals with tools, frameworks, strategies and practice. Professionals will learn how to strengthen children's nervous systems, attune with the children's intentions and accompany them through their discovery journey. The experience and exchange in the programme teach participants how to design balanced activities that give children time, choice, and the skills to integrate their experiences. Ultimately, it will bring quality and meaning to what children want to do and manifest in the world.

Course Curriculum

This 2-month program includes 15 hours of live sessions and 9 hours of practice labs with Alé plus an additional 7.5 hours of group practice that is offered to participant as optional sessions. On the dedicated online learning platform, all participants will find a PDF workbook, further explanations with videos by Alé and the visualisations and graphics for the most important frameworks and maps the course teaches. 

Week 1

We also practice the Five Phases in our course design. The first week is all about creating the right level of readiness. We give you an overview of the learning platform, answer questions, and ensure you are mentally, emotionally and technically prepared for the first session.

Week 2

In the second week, the first live online session with Alé will take place. We will talk about attunement and work with the seven layers that create a container for safety. It is also the week when we slowly approach the concept of cycles.

Week 3 to 6

In weeks 3 to 6 we adopt the Five Phases. We talk about how to deal with dilemmas, how we can use storytelling to tap into different channels of expression which allow to ignite the self-regulatory process. We will learn a lot and practice even more.

Week 7

Week 7 is our integration week. The focus is on revisiting all parts and clearing up any questions. During this week, we will also acknowledge how much our perspectives have broadened since the beginning of the course. Time to review and deepen what we have learned.

Week 8

In the last week, we are doing the onboarding for our community platform. On this separate platform, we will continue to practice and keep you updated on the development of KidsInTune. It is also a place where you can share and practice with other practitioners.

How the Core Competencies Learned in This Training Will Help You Become a Better Professional When Working With Kids

Meet your Teacher


Alé Duarte is a teacher, advisor, and somatic therapist. His practice aids children traumatized by natural disasters and assists educators, therapists, and parents dealing with behavioral issues. Because of this, his career became nomadic by necessity, and his methods became invaluable where the stakes were high.

Alé created and teaches the pioneering educational series called KidsinTune™. It is designed for professionals who work and care for children and families. His training is innovative in the adult-child relationship and aims to equip therapists, pedagogues, teachers, social workers, health practitioners, and families with skills and strategies to help children to overcome stressful experiences, to feel more confident, and to deepen their experiences in what is meaningful and important to their development and future. His pioneering techniques and frameworks are an aggregate of many healing disciplines developed over 30 years in the field.

This Program Is Well Suited for You,
if You... in the field of therapy, education, social work, tutoring, coaching, arts, sports, humanitarian aid or counseling

...have individual encounters or lead individual sessions with and for children

...encounter difficult cases in your practice and seek another perspective and more refined methods to enable change

...look for a methodology that embraces the complexity of moment-to-moment interactions with kids 

...wish to take your facilitation skills to the next level 

...want to gain more orientation and precision in the process with a child

How you will benefit from the interdisciplinarity and diverse  backgrounds of other participants 

What other participants are saying

about the impact of the training on their professional work and their own lives

"Loved it. Inspired by it. Loved connecting with peers all over the world.

"Thank you for this amazing training opportunity! My life has been enriched by it. I’m deeply grateful for the insights and knowledge."

"I can divide my work with children in a time before Alé and one after."

"One of the most profound training I have ever done. Everyone is so dedicated to loving children exactly as they are, showing me that many beautiful humans want to help. It was a breath of fresh air in a world that feels so overwhelming."

"This is quite simply the most fun and most effectively taught workshop I have ever attended, in any discipline. Alé’s presence and bodyfulness, his ability to distil the essence, communicate & connect – sensorial & verbally – graphically, energetically – is the key to the experiences that matter."

"What I love most about Alé's teaching is that he empowers the participants of the courses to develop their own ideas. Rather than teaching a recipe or a bunch of tools and games, he teaches frameworks and principles so people can use it combined with their own unique skills and in the situation they work in."

"I am impressed by how you can discover personal resources and make them more perceptible. I improved my view on the children and how to discover cycles. I learned to assess better where the client is and in which direction it is better to move next."

"Alé provides support for the children in a first positive step and then guides this experience into ever more stable circles and with that enrich a children's aspects of life because the structure has been established. This approach is wonderful."

"I have learned a lot about myself through the five phases. I understood the importance of integration when I play with children. It was great also to remember how important is to trust in children and in their own process and capacities."

Frequently Asked Questions

How the training found its current form

In 2005 as part of the first Somatic Experiencing® team led by Dr. Peter Levine, Alé applied a self-regulation methodology with children in areas affected by social disruption and natural disaster, aiming to reduce the dysfunctional behavior originated by trauma. The complexity of the situation led him to include a wider range of applications and disciplines to support the required agility and flexibility when working with children and the community under intense stress. Today, Kids in Tune™ (former Tune in to Children) training programs have been taught in over 25 countries and have supported approximately 7000 professionals, such as teachers, school coordinators, therapists, social workers, artists, and social entrepreneurs in their work.