Here's What Some of The Participants Say

Here's What Some of The Participants Say

Eva Fenrich

What I love most about your teaching is that Alé empower the participants to develop their own ideas. Rather than teaching a recipe or a bunch of tools and games you teach a framework and principles so people can use this with their own unique skills and in the situation they work in. Ale Duarte absolutely model how to interact with children and youth in a playful and natural way.

Wagner Veillard

A friend of mine told me that I simply had to meet Alé because I would love his approach when working with kids. I signed up for Tune into Children and as a teacher I found immediate applications in my practice and personal life. In the sessions of every module there was an interesting balance of theory, demonstrations with children, and opportunities to practice.

Susanne Ebling

Professionally as a therapist working with the group in organizations I combine your approach and theory with my own knowledge and experience with groups system centered therapy based and with a psychodynamic approach also. I am so grateful for your teaching as it simple generates joy. And what could ever be more important!

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