Family in Tune Workshop for Parents

Parenting is full of joy and challenges, knowns and unknowns. How do parents navigate the moments when our children are upset, acting out, withdrawn or developing new, non-deal behaviors? How do we help them integrate their stresses, which can be as ordinary as difficulties at school, or as extraordinary as surviving an earthquake? This workshop provides a framework to understand and apply a simple behavioral model to situations you and your children encounter. It also helps adults understand what they might be contributing themselves to a stressed-out situation, or under-functioning environment, and how they might change that for the positive by changing their approach. Each module contains stories of the behavioral model in action as well as practical ideas for parents.

Program Details

Weekend program

Our weekend intensive workshop will be soon out. 

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8-weeks immersion

Join us for the 8-week program to learn and discover new ways to connect and reconnect with your children. 

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