Designed for professionals leading to positive outcomes for both the children and the professionals working with them.


Bringing together professionals from therapy, education and social work to gain practical tools and strategies from various backgrounds.

About Kids in Tune

Amidst the struggles of responding to children's spontaneity, adults now have an efficient tool to help them. Kids in Tune is a training series developed by Alé Duarte that offers professionals working with kids practical tools and know-how. The program is intended to foster children's resilience and joy while helping adults confidently manage difficult situations. Adults can effectively tap into kids' natural intuition with the skills and expertise acquired from Kids in Tune.

The program emphasizes emotional regulation and human relationships. It focuses on understanding children's self-regulation capabilities and providing tools to support their tasks, development, and social context.

Kids in Tune has been carefully designed to bring together three critical disciplines that work in tandem to support resilience, constructive creation, and embodied awareness. These disciplines include Self-regulation, Integrative Development, and Somatic Experiencing. The overarching framework of the program is based on the innovative HOLD, FLOW, SLOW™, which is an integral part of Sintonizando, a nervous-system-informed approach developed by Alé Duarte.

About Sintonizando

Sintonizando is an approach to self-regulation that draws on 30 years of research and practice with the nervous system.

Initially developed by Alé Duarte used to aid children who had endured trauma in crisis regions, it has since been found to have wide-reaching benefits for people experiencing challenges, stress and complex situations.

Sintonizando helps people regain their capacity for healthy self-regulation and decision-making. In the truest sense of the word, it makes people understand, think and feel better.

As a nervous-system-informed approach, Sintonizando is universally applicable by nature and particularly precise in its intervention. Tuning into the fundamental concept that minor shifts in understanding and action can have significant, positive repercussions is at the heart of Sintonizando.

Sintonizando is used in therapy, education, and social work and is also particularly suitable for people exposed to demanding leadership situations

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