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What keeps children from feeling inspired, acting creatively, and interacting responsively with the world around them?

In short, the underlying cause is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

We live in an extremely fast-moving world, in which complexity increases on a daily basis through unfiltered information, constant temptations, and demands

 As adults, we have developed skills to help us to navigate this busy world. However, children are struggling to manage so many demands while not having the right set of skills and awareness necessary to thrive in the near future. When we help children to develop awareness of their own emotions, and build skills to enrich their experiences with joyful interest, these overwhelming feelings can be processed better. As a result of that, children can surprise us with their creativity and a new understanding of the world.

Once these self-regulating processes are activated, children will feel empowered to build healthy relationships, to learn and be able to follow their inner voice and creative self.

The aim of Tune in to Children is to grow a community of skillfull adults, that help children reorganize and rebalance the autonomic nervous system at the biological /survival level. This approach proves helpful in any home, where adults and children have to deal with stressful situations, in therapeutic offices, dedicated to support children, as well as in schools, institutions, or communities looking to overcome challenging times.

Tune in to Children™, the system developed by Ale Duarte, provides you with unique maps, that allow you to see children with new eyes. Through his approach you ignite children's natural ability to emotionally regulate, and kick off their built-in organic sequences to quickly restore balance. Through this process adults and children feel empowered, the parent-child connection deepens, and the child is restored with a sense of inner peace, focus and curiosity for the future.

Often as a result of stressful events, the nervous system becomes over-activated and can trigger the following:

  • anger
  • panic
  • irritability
  • hyperactivity
  • dysfunctional behaviors
  • accompanying physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and dizziness


The Ale Duarte's workshops helps to address these issues by examining the client’s nervous system activation cycle and addressing the underlying causes.

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