learn to navigate the digital river together


Parenting in the digital age can be a daunting task.
We want our children to enjoy the benefits of technology while also keeping them safe from its potential pitfalls.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, or even helpless in the face of the ever-changing digital landscape.

That's why I'm excited to invite you to join me on a 6-week journey of empowerment.
We'll learn to navigate the digital river together.

This live online workshop is designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and support you need 
to guide your children towards a healthy, balanced relationship with electronics.

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Hey there.

I am Alé

I love sharing my insights of working with children and adults to make YOUR encounters with them matter.

Over the past 30 years, the frameworks and techniques I have developed, have helped people from all walks of life, such as traumatized children, athletes, and executives, gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds.

It's my joy and my honour to personally have trained thousands of professionals in over 25 countries who support people through healing and developmental processes.

In addition to delivering my trainings in person around the globe, I'm passionate about creating opportunities for personal and development online.

Live Dates & Content Overview
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"It's magical to see Ale in action! I witnessed Ale meeting children as they are, with genuine empathy and curiosity, providing all the support, all the space for what comes from within the child, and always with that kindness, that joyfulness, and playfulness of a mischievous boy....the child managing to feel and self-regulate, returning to themselves the confidence to be, to explore, to grow."

Filipa T.
"I was amazed by your work with children growing up in a very technological world...Like the traumas of children here in this cold and stressed city like São Paulo, with parents without time. All of this has given me a new perspective on my little clients. And it gave me more light and energy."

Ros√Ęngela B.
"Alé's teaching was such a breath of fresh air. Playful, child-like, and engaging. Of great value to all (parents, teachers, therapists, beings) who truly feel committed to healthy human development and self-empowerment! The courses I've had with you have created a solid, yet light and happy foundation within me! "

Vera B.

We are all familiar with the possible long term impacts of unbalanced screen use.
Think of heightened stress levels, decreased communication, and diminished emotional connection. 

Throughout our journey, we'll explore the river metaphor.
It will help us understand the different currents of digital engagement in a way that is intuitive and inclusive.

Each week, we'll focus on a specific aspect of the digital experience.
This builds a strong foundation of understanding and practical strategies.

By participating in Screen Masters, you'll navigate the digital landscape with confidence and intentionality.
You'll have more time for meaningful connection with your children.

"Ale is doing amazing work, I recommend his workshop to parents who are struggling to understand what is going on for their children and passionately want to finds way to be in communication."

Naveena G.
"Excellent, powerful, soulful training. It was seemless, very engaging, paced perfectly and I felt so enriched afterwards. Loved it."

Gillian D.
"Alé's well-organized approach and genuine enthusiasm for the topic created an atmosphere of trust and exploration. Alé's teaching style is empowering and effective, and we're thankful for the positive changes it has brought to our family life."

Julia F.

Content Overview

Week 1: Orienting in the Electronic River

We'll dive into the river metaphor, exploring how it relates to our own experiences and challenges as parents in the digital age. You'll gain a new perspective on the digital landscape through the different currents of the river and start to see how you can navigate it with confidence. We'll discuss how this metaphor can help us aggregate the complexity of the digital world, making it easier for us to understand and manage.
Week 2: Building Strong Foundations

In this module, we'll focus on fostering a healthy balance between the digital and analog worlds. You'll learn strategies for encouraging constructive engagement with electronics while maintaining strong connections with the world around us. We'll discuss the importance of building an analog foundation, where our children can learn and grow by taking advantage of both the analog and digital worlds.
Week 3: Navigating the Adventure Stream

We'll explore the powerful pull of digital entertainment and how it can sometimes lead children to drift away from other important aspects of life. You'll learn how to guide your children towards balanced, rewarding digital experiences. We'll also discuss how certain apps, like TikTok, can condition our nervous system and how understanding these tricks can help us hold space for quick tantrums or other forms of protest.
Week 4: Recognizing the Stress Current

In this module, we'll discuss the signs of digital stress and frustration, and how they can impact both children and parents. While these circumstances are undesirable, we'll explore how to leverage these states to help children become aware of the need to return to a simpler, more connected life. You'll gain tools for managing digital conflicts and helping your children rediscover a sense of fulfillment and balance.
Week 5: Avoiding the Trauma Trap

We'll dive into the challenges of social media and online interaction, learning to identify early warning signs of potential harm. We'll carefully empathize and support parents in getting closer to their children, so they can provide the refuge their children need. You'll develop strategies for guiding your children away from negative digital influences and towards a more positive online experience.
Week 6: Cultivating Resilience

In our final week, we'll focus on building resilience and empowering your children to navigate the digital world with confidence and awareness. We want our children to be skilled and resilient, able to move through the digital currents with proficiency, as this will be a crucial skill throughout their lives in our increasingly digital world. You'll reflect on your own journey and develop a personalized plan for ongoing growth and support.

Course Language: English

Available Translation:

All live sessions will be accessible for additional review in your course library for 6 months.
You can also opt to watch the videos on your own time and share your comments and reflections on the course platform.

Live Zoom Calls:
Thursdays at
11.30am Central American Time (Chicago) or
6:30 pm Central European Time (Berlin)

The 6 live sessions with Alé are designed to support you navigate relationships in the digital age with intention and clarity. The sessions are each 2 hours long.

Downloadable PDF:
You'll receive practical guided PDF worksheets for each module to bring the material alive with your children.

The provided guides can become your trusted companion for years to come.