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 Essentials Training 


1-month immersive online learning 

New dates will be released soon

Kids in Tune is an exclusive training series based on Sintonizando. It is designed to equip professionals in therapy, education, and social work with the competence to manage challenging situations with children confidently. Its current form consists of an essentials training and three deep-dives.

The foundation of the program forms an introduction to HOLD, FLOW, and SLOW, a framework designed to provide a deeper understanding, practical application, and implementation of the model in your private practice, school, or institution.

Deep-Dive HOLDDeep-Dive FLOW and Deep-Dive SLOW are deepening tracks that allow further learning experiences as part of the Kids in Tune community.

Guiding Questions

Unleashing the
Power Within

How to reignite children's self-regulation abilities in tough times?

Discover the
Secrets Within

How to unveil progress or disarray in children's behavior during engaging activities, enriching sessions, and exciting classes.

Unlocking Inner

How children can harness subtle body processes for renewal and grounding in high-pressure situations

Simple Language
for Complex Ideas

How to enhance intuition, boost comprehension and elevate assessments by applying simple language to complex ideas.

Children are constantly sending us cues of their needs and limits

Picking up these hidden messages is a game-changer.

Discover how you can build your own empathic capacities and sharpen your observation skills of what's happening in the interaction with children.

This will allow you to gain flexibility during the facilitation process and provide you with a map to understand the constant shifts in moods, energies, and emotions in both the children and you.

Learning Objectives

This training focuses on understanding core concepts, practicing with like-minded people, and using new skills in real-life situations. You will gain knowledge and confidence, and learn how to:


Recognize signs of  dysregulation in children and respond appropriately by coaching them through self-regulatory strategies and providing a regulating presence.


Evaluate children's behavior during activities, sessions, and classes to identify patterns of either positive progression or disorganization and adjust your interventions accordingly.


Understand the concept of emotional regulation and its importance for children's growth and development.


Use a simple and  intuitive language that facilitates understanding, application, and assessment.


Facilitate structured and unstructured 
activities that promote self-regulation, including movement-based activities, sensory play, and mindfulness exercises.


Adjust the  environment in which the child is interacting to promote a sense of safety and security, which is crucial for establishing self-regulation.


Apply the strategies and tools to support children's emotional regulation in  various social contexts, such as school, home, and community settings.


Identify and work with the most common barriers to self-regulation, such as trauma, anxiety, ADHD and how to adapt strategies accordingly.

"Loved it. Inspired by it. Loved connecting with peers all over the world."

Kids in Tune September 2022

"Thank you for this amazing training opportunity! My life has been enriched by it. I’m deeply grateful for the insights and knowledge."

Kids in Tune December 2022

"I can divide my work with children in a time before Alé and one after."

Kids in Tune December 2022

"One of the most profound training I have ever done. Everyone is so dedicated to loving children exactly as they are, showing me that many beautiful humans want to help. It was a breath of fresh air in a world that feels so overwhelming."

Kids in Tune May 2022

"This is quite simply the most fun and most effectively taught workshop I have ever attended, in any discipline. Alé’s presence and bodyfulness, his ability to distil the essence, communicate & connect – sensorial & verbally – graphically, energetically – is the key to the experiences that matter."

Kids in Tune May 2022

"What I love most about Alé's teaching is that he empowers the participants of the courses to develop their own ideas. Rather than teaching a recipe or a bunch of tools and games, he teaches frameworks and principles so people can use it combined with their own unique skills and in the situation they work in."

Kids in Tune May 2022

 Essentials Training 


1-month immersive online learning 

New dates will be released soon

Multidisciplinary Training Uniting Therapists, Educators and Social Workers

You will meet people from a variety of backgrounds in the workshop. Having therapists, educators, and social workers in the same workshop provides a unique opportunity to approach child development from different perspectives and share expertise and knowledge.

Each profession brings a distinct understanding of children's needs and behaviors, and by collaborating, we can create a more comprehensive and effective approach to child therapy, education, and social work.

Therapists bring a deep understanding of child development and experience in treating children with various psychological and behavioral issues. Educators bring practical experience in working with children in educational settings, and social workers bring expertise in addressing systemic issues that impact children's well-being.

By bringing these professions together, we can learn from each other and gain a broader perspective on how to support children's development and well-being.

Hey there.

I am Alé

 I love sharing my insights of working with children to make YOUR encounters with them matter.

Over the past 30 years, I have been developing a self-regulation approach called Sintonizando, which is based on the nervous system. My techniques have helped people from all walks of life, such as traumatized children, athletes, and executives, gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds.

Let's impact one young life at the time, for good.

 Essentials Training 


new dates will be announced soon

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"What I love most about Alé's teaching is his capacity to empower the participants to develop their own ideas. Alé teaches framework and principles that people can combine with their skills and apply to their situations at work. Alé is an absolute role model in dealing with children and young people playfully and naturally."

Eva Fenrich

"I highly recommend Alé's course to anyone working with children of any age (0-100). I envision a world where this knowledge is basic to at least teachers, therapists, social workers etc - or even better - to everyone who cares about a caring and healing environment for themselves and others."

Fiona Pollard

"I've told everyone I've met in the past three weeks about Alé's course. I think it is fundamental for anyone working with kids or teens to know about it. Learning Alé's approach and thechniques enable a gentle yet profound journey into kids nervous systems, into playfulness, into our shared human experience and into our own nervous system."

Kids in Tune Essentials, December 2022

"Alé's work beautifully encapsulates the essence of respecting and valuing every human being, embracing their innate ability to self-regulate and create space for life's natural flow"

Kids in Tune, September 2022