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Do you want to improve the quality of your therapeutic and educational work with children?

Learn the Art of
Facilitating Children's
Emotional Self-Regulation

Open Classes

Over the year I have had a lot of requests about classes that are open to anybody who wants to support the children in their lives. To learn more about my upcoming month-long class on FACILITATING CHILDREN'S EMOTIONAL FLOW, starting im November 2022, sing up for my free introductory webinar that takes place on November 4th, 2022.

INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR - Facilitating Children's Emotional Flow

Online Training for Professionals

Children are constantly sending us cues of their needs and limits. Picking up these hidden messages is a game-changer.

Discover how you can build your own empathic capacities and sharpen your observation skills of what's happening in the interaction with children.

This will allow you to gain flexibility during the facilitation process and provide you with a map to understand the constant shifts in moods, energies, and emotions in both the children and you.

Enrollment for the fall 2022 cohort is open


Hi, I'm Alé Duarte


I love sharing my insights from over 30 years of working with children to make your encounters with them matter. Let's impact one young life at the time, for the better. 

My practice aids children affected by natural disasters, wars, sudden life changes or other challenges, assists educators, therapists, and parents dealing with behavioral issues, and removes energetic hurdles experienced by high-performing athletes, entertainers, and executives.

I am a teacher, advisor, and somatic therapist with a diverse and far-reaching resume, as the geography I have travelled to work and speak.

Because of this diversity, my career became nomadic by necessity, and my methods became invaluable where the stakes are high.

Join the unique training program to improve
the quality
of your interactions with children

"Alé Duarte designs and delivers programs for professionals who work and care for children and families. His training programs are unique in the adult-child relationship and aim to equip therapists, pedagogues, teachers, social workers, health practitioners, and families with skills and strategies to help children overcome stressful experiences, to feel more confident, and deepen their experiences in what is meaningful and important to the child's development and future."

2-months Immersive Training

Join Alé live to benefit from 30 years of experience and reestablish childrens' self-regulation in his UPDATED online training.


Five Phases of Self Regulation

An Online, Cohort-based Training from the Educational Series KidsinTune by and with Alé Duarte


Next cohort starting September 13, 2022

What you will learn

The FIVE PHASES Training is the most comprehensive programme over several weeks. You will learn to help children reestablish healthy self-regulatory functions while interacting with them. You will learn how to attune, co-regulate and make critical adjustments to foster children's resilience.

You will learn, peer learn and practice:

  • How to read, decode and apply the FivePhases to map behaviour and design activities accurately.

  • How to facilitate sessions and move stuck energies back in flow.

  • How to unfold potential with the logical and energetic structure that narratives of children contain

The training is online and interaction based.

The 2-month training is open to all professionals working with children.

"I have my skin in the game when I am playing with children, or when I try to decode their expressions like a real-life guessing game in my home or in my office. The more I relate with young people, the more I see our ability to attune as a superpower. My invitation for you is to consider joining my new online training series called Kids in Tune® where I will share ways to connect with children from the inside out, without leaving ourselves behind, so adult and child can grow shoulder by shoulder."

More information

KidsInTune aims to help children develop a resilient nervous system and see life with more optimism and joy. This multi-skill training provides professionals with tools, frameworks, strategies and practice. Professionals will learn how to strengthen children's nervous systems, attune with the children's intentions and accompany them through their discovery journey. The experience and exchange in the programme teach participants how to design balanced activities that give children time, choice, and the skills to integrate their experiences. Ultimately, it will bring quality and meaning to what children want to do and manifest.

How participants from different professions are benefiting from KidsInTune

Susanne Ebling


"In my work as a professional therapist, I work with groups in organisations and combine Alé's approach and theory with my own knowledge and experience. I am so grateful for his teaching as it simply generates joy. What could be more important in learning?"

Eva Fenrich

"What I love most about Alé's teaching is his capacity to empower the participants to develop their ideas. Rather than teaching a recipe or a bunch of tools and games, Alé teaches framework and principles that people can combine with their skills and apply to their situations at work. Alé is an absolute role model in dealing with children and young people playfully and naturally."

Wagner Veillard

"A friend told me that I had to meet Alé because I would love his approach when working with kids. So I signed up for KidsInTune. I found immediate applications in my practice as a teacher but also in my personal life. Every module was well balanced with a great mix of theory, demonstrations with children and opportunities to practice."

Adjusted to different learning styles

Vivid Demonstrations

Observe how sessions are facilitated, whether one-on-one or in groups. To see me interact with my clients directly, be it on video or in the room, brings you closer to the reality of how to follow the child's needs and improvise on the spot.

Group Learning Activities

We believe learning is exponential when a group is involved with important questions that children and families are living with. Each one's experience and collaboration will bring new solutions and activities design.

Private Community Platform

As part of a training cohort, your interactions will be hosted in an online platform where you can inspire and support each other, connect directly with the team, review videos and material, and get additional input.

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